Be careful which country you’re in,

‘cause in some places they will let your body die

to save what’s inside

Watch out, ‘cause shopping malls turn into war zones

and a bullet doesn’t care for your designer shoes

Look, the grass is red from blood,

but the guilty ones don’t want to watch

They don’t want to watch

So they go on planes where they wash their hands

with some thirsty kid’s water

And they tell me:

“everything looks different from above”,

but I don’t know what to do with that

when I’m lying on the ground

I know it’s easy to be a suit on a plane,

but can’t you hear the voices

screaming from the ground?

They say I should be thankful for where I’m born,

that I should become something

to show my gratitude

But I don’t want to be part of that game

Don’t want to be another white man on a plane

who tells people:

“everything looks different from above”

People don’t know what to do with that

when they are lying on the ground

And you could easily leave your suit on the plane

It’s your choice not to hear the voices

screaming from the ground

We are screaming, we are the ground