We were never perfect

The world was never perfect, and we have to understand that. What about “the good old times”, you ask? I tell you now, there is no such thing.

The world was never perfect, we were just that dumb. And we still are. We are imperfect and we will continue to discover all the mistakes that we contain till humanity is extinct.

Americans aren’t better than what happened on the 6th of January, our entire society isn’t better than that. By that I mean: We are for always only as strong as the weakest link. For the last four years we have allowed that the same president who loves his terrorists has ruled an entire country. I’m not saying we could’ve done anything differently. But I’m saying we allowed it.

And so, we have to understand that the world was never perfect, we are just discovering the endless number of mistakes that lies deep in the roots of our system. Things have always been this way, and the people who broke into the Capitol have already lived for many years before that, believing just as strongly in their worldview as I believe in mine.

The world was never perfect, neither were we. So this time, let’s not wait. Let’s not wait to do something about it until the next time someone proves our fallibility by attacking the democracy.

The world was never perfect, and it will never be. But we have got to remain faithful and treat our enemies with peace. The same peace we think of when we think of a perfect world.

But peace isn’t silence, it’s quite the opposite. Peace means talking loud and clear. Peace means not only defending but fighting for our democracy.

The world was never peaceful, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain endless amounts of peace, love and faith. 

So let’s not wait. Let’s not wait until another innocent black person is shot by the same police, the same system, the same people that have implicitly allowed terrorists to break into the Capitol. That have both explicitly and implicitly allowed white lives to matter more. To change anything at all, we need to actively work against what most of us already know is wrong. It’s not enough just to think the right things anymore. We need to act. 

Because black lives matter. We have to not only understand, but to feel the real meaning of that. You don’t have to post a black square on Instagram to display your caring for people. It’s great that you care, so care. Care every day in everything you do. Care by saying no. Care by listening. Care by learning. Know that it is okay to make mistakes, but nonetheless: Care.