i exist.

i exist

i know we’ve got nothing in common anymore

and we’ve said our silent goodbye

we’ve turned different pages, and i’m okay with that

but to choose to forget what we had is an action in denial

although we’re no longer good for each other, i still think about you every now and then

and it hurts me so bad

that it’s so easy for you to ignore the fact that

i exist

i still exist

maybe in your eyes, i exist on another planet

but anyway, you broke the radio connection

i think i did, too

but i can assure you, i didn’t mean to exclude you

i chose to exclude myself, because i saw it coming

i chose to exclude myself, before you did

but yet again i sit here, and i feel so lonely

because the most lonely feeling

is when you realize:

your existance meant nothing more than a shared pizza before the night of a party.


even though i was never really a part of you guys

it some times felt like i was

it some times felt like you noticed me

and cherished what i did for you

but then i heard this song

it told me that “eventually, every one disappoints”

and i guess we disappointed each other

it’s just that i hadn’t thought you would keep on disappointing me after our paths had chosen not to lead us to the same light

because you forgot, yes you did

and you’re not even sorry

i am

for some stupid reason


sorry that you forgot

that i exist.